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The United Muslim Association of Toledo Political Education

The United Muslim Association of Toledo has held countless events throughout the Northwest Ohio area in order to educate Muslims about politics. It is our belief that the more Muslims know about politics, the more they will feel comfortable becoming involved. For a long time Muslims have been a very silent majority. In fact, most estimates have Muslims at around 7-10 million nationwide. Finally Muslims are now getting involved. We continually have voter registration drives, 'meet the candidates' type events, and all sorts of rallies and programs to entice people to flex their political muscle.

In Toledo we have been very blessed in that we have a great relationship with the media and the local political community. In fact, in the fall of 2000 City Council of the City of Toledo recognized the United Muslim Association of Toledo as an official organization with major political clout. In a city of about 300,000 the Muslim/Arab population of 10,000 is quite significant.

Especially, since most races are decided by less than 2000 votes. On the national scale, all of the Muslim organizations have come under one roof and have formed the American Muslim Political Coordinating Council to help inform voters and decide about the national bloc vote for presidential races.