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The Quran and the Sunnah are the Constitution for Muslims

No article is valid unless it conforms to these laws.

Article I:
Name of the Organization:

The name of the organization will be United Muslim Association of Toledo, Ohio and hereafter will be addressed as UMAT. All references in this constitution and bylaws will henceforth.

Article II:

The mission of United Muslim Association of Toledo, Ohio is to uphold the principles and practices of Islam to provide for cultural, educational, economic, social, and political enhancement of the Islamic Community in the Greater Toledo area. To promote interfaith understanding and accommodation in this area and to provide a platform to address social and political issues as they relate to the Muslims of Toledo.

Article III:

The philosophy of UMAT is to remain as an independent organization. To address the political, social economic, educational and cultural issues as they relate to Muslims of this area.

Article IV:
Organizational Structure:

  • The Assembly of Muslims of the Greater Toledo Area
  • Board of Directors consisting initially of the founding members
  • Elected leadership, consisting of a president and secretary/treasurer
  • The committees of this organization

Article V:
These Constituents Section included in Article V:

Constituents Section 1:
The assembly constitutes the Muslims of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, encompassing the Greater Toledo area. All Muslims as defined above are eligible for membership. The assembly will have a voting status, however, only those members will be eligible to vote who have met their membership obligations for the current financial year. To run for office of this organization, two years of financial and membership participation is necessary. Financial dues should be cleared thirty days prior to stated election date.

Constituents Section 2:
The UMAT meetings will be held at least once a year for the general assembly and periodically by the Board of Directors and the elected leadership as necessary. These will be open to the public.

Constituents Section 3:
Definition of majority will be considered as absolute if 2/3 of the quorum ratifies on major issues and simple if 51% of the quorum ratifies a minor issue. This rule will be observed during meetings of Board of Directors, and Leadership and in the assembly. Definition of quorum is 2/3 of the Board or membership for the first meeting on an issue. If quorum is then not complete, a second meeting will be called and quorum will constitute the then available members.

Article VI:
Officers and Membership:

Constituents Section 1:
The President of UMAT will preside over the meetings of the Board of Directors and elected leadership. He/she will call the meeting to order and with the help of the secretary, maintain copies of the meeting minutes.

Constituents Section 2:
All Muslims residing in the Greater Toledo area who conform to the definition stated above are considered members of UMAT. There will be two membership categories:

  • Active members who may vote or run for the organizational leadership. To run for office, they should have met their financial obligations of membership for two years prior to the date of election. To vote for a position, they should have met their financial obligations thirty days prior to an election. They should have reached an age of 18 years. They should be present in person. Absentee ballot will be accepted in writing and legal signature. They should reside within northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.
  • There will be a student membership category for which no financial requirements are necessary and this membership is considered ineligible to vote.
Constituents Section 3:
The membership delegates the authority of everyday operation of the organizations to the elected leadership, constituting the president, secretary/treasurer or other positions created as needed by the Board of Directors.

Constituents Section 4:
Financial Obligations:
The financial obligations of the members will not be limited to the dues. Special assessments and contributions for any cause will be graciously accepted. The elected leadership and the Board of Directors, in consultation, will determine the yearly dues.

Constituents Section 5:
Annual Meeting:
An annual meeting will be held at least once a year, based on the need and decisions of the Board of Directors and elected leadership.
All Board of Directors and elected leaders are expected to attend at least 50% of scheduled meetings. This provision includes excused absences. At least 3 meetings of leadership should be held per annum.

Article VII:
The Board of Directors:

Constituents Section 1:
  • The Board of directors will establish policy to ensure the functioning and philosophy of UMAT, based on mission and goals
  • The present founding members of December 1997 (as noted in Appendix I) will automatically assume title of Board of Directors. Membership to the Board will be by replacement in lieu of transfer outside of this area, death, or resignation. Elective withdrawal from the Board or resignation will be followed by an obligatory nomination by the leaving Board of Director member and subsequent approval by the then existing Board of Directors and elected leadership. In case of death or non-cooperation of a Board Member, the existing board and elected leadership shall appoint a replacement

Constituents Section 2:
Terms for Board of Directors:
The term of the Board of Directors shall be 10 years. Vacancy can only be created by death, retirement and resignation for unforeseen reasons, and should be filled within thirty days of the event.

Constituents Section 3:
Duties of the Board of Directors.

  • The Board of Directors shall establish the philosophy of the organization akin to the mission statement and purpose.
  • In the event that there is a violation of Article 3, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, they shall, in the following order:
    1. In writing, advise the president.
    2. Arrange a special meeting of the active membership to discuss this as a sole issue on the agenda.
    3. If the active membership fails to resolve the matter, this will be resolved by the Board of Directors by a 2/3 majority vote.
  • If there is a vacancy in the elected leadership, the Board of Directors will nominate a replacement to fulfill the term of the elected leader.
  • The Board of Directors shall hold elections for the president and secretary/treasurer and other positions as necessary.
  • The Board of Directors, in consultation of the president and secretary/treasurer, will nominate the following standing committees:
    1. Welfare and Social Services.
    2. Publications.
    3. Public Relations.
    4. Membership.
  • The Board of Directors, in consultation with the president and secretary/treasurer, audit the financial statements.
  • The Board of Directors, in consultation with the president and secretary/treasurer, review the functioning and activity of UMAT.
  • The Board of Directors can recommend removal of a Board of Directors member, elected president, secretary/treasurer or other position holder if:
    1. Unexcused absences from three consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors and elected leadership.
    2. Immoral conduct.
    3. Conviction of a felony.
    4. Conduct unbecoming of a Muslim in public. In such a case, the Board of Directors may recommend, by secret ballot, a removal of the elected leader. This vote would only carry with 2/3 majority.
  • Board of Directors can hold a meeting with the elected leadership regularly or as needed.
  • The officers of the elected leadership constituting elected president, secretary/treasurer and chairperson of the standing committees will report to the Board of Directors. All elected and nominated positions will be for a term of two years.
  • Standing committees constitute Welfare and Social Services, Membership, Publication, and Public Relations.
  • The Board of Directors shall appoint a chairperson amongst themselves, rotating yearly, alphabetically by first name.
Method of Election:

Constituents Section 1:
  • Eligibility to run for the president and secretary/treasurer and any other position created as needed will be the following:
    1. Must comply with the faith and practice of Islam in his or her daily life.
    2. Must have met the financial obligations for at least two years here onwards
    3. Should reside in northwest Ohio or southeast Michigan.
    4. Must not be on the Board of Directors, except for the first leadership term.
    5. Will serve for a term of two years.

  • Constituents Section 2:
    Method of election will be as follows: Nominations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors within thirty days prior to the annual general assembly meeting. Any member is eligible to nominate another member with a second member endorsement. A majority decision, constituting 2/3 of the Board of Directors, shall approve the candidacy. Nominations from the general assembly floor will not be accepted on the day of election. Candidates receiving the highest votes shall be considered elected. In case of a tie vote, the Board of Directors shall cast the final vote.

    This will be in a majority decision constituting 2/3 of the Board of Directors. Failing this, another election will be called between the candidates.

    Amendments to this Constitution:

    • A proposal by 1/3 of the Board of Directors.
    • Constitutional change desired by the active membership, forwarded with at least signatures of 1/3 of the active members. Adhoc Committee for constitutional amendments as stated in Article IV of the Bylaws, will deliberate and provide recommendations and language.
    • 2/3 of the general assembly must ratify this constitutional change.
    Article X:
    The membership will hold harmless the Board of Directors and the elected leadership, constituting president and secretary/treasurer or any other position holder, from any or all damages, judgments, settlements, costs, charges, expenses incurred by them in connection with any defense of any action or suit whether pending or potential administrative proceedings or any appeal there from in which any one or more of the above are made parties by reason of having been an officer of this organization. Indemnification will not extend to instances of intentional misconduct. The Board of Directors by majority vote, shall have the ultimate decision for indemnification.

    Article XI:
    Effective Date:

    The effective date of this constitution shall be June 6, 2000. This instrument shall supersede any previous constitutions enacted.

    Article XII:
    The present founding members, henceforth, at the time of implementation of this constitution will be considered Board of Directors. The time eligibility requirement for the election of the first, president and the secretary/treasurer is waived. To provide turnkey governances, the first elected leadership will be derived from the Board of Directors for the first term and extended thereafter as needed. BYLAWS FOR THE UNITED MUSLIM ASSOCIATION OF TOLEDO Article I: The bylaws are regulations which govern the responsibilities and authority and relationship of the Board of Directors with the president, secretary/treasurer, other positions created as needed and standing committees. Article II: There will be a meeting of the Board of Directors and elected leaders of the elected leadership at least three times per annum. Article III: The following are considered elected members of the leadership of the UMAT. The duties are as follows.

    Constituents Section 1:
    • The president will supervise the control and business affairs of the UMAT.
    • The president will invite a meeting of the UMAT assembly.
    • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, will conduct an election to the leadership.
    • The term of the president will be for two calendar years between elections.
    • The president will direct, supervise and provide consultation to the standing committees.
    • The president will appoint committee chairpersons to forward the work and philosophy of UMAT.
    • In the event that there is a resignation of the president, the Board of Directors will nominate a president with thirty days of such a resignation, removal or vacancy, to complete the term. The term limit for president is two consecutive terms. The said person can run again for election after one term in waiting.
    Constituents Section 2:
    • The secretary/treasurer will keep minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and elected leadership.
    • Will make available these minutes as needed.
    • Will be a custodian of all records.
    • Will maintain the financial documents and membership listing in conjunction with the chairman of the Membership Committee.
    • Shall perform duties as, from time to time, may be assigned to him/her by the president or Board of Directors.
    • Shall receive and give receipts of monies payable for membership and special projects. Shall deposit all monies in the bank account of UMAT and maintain records.
    • Shall disperse funds necessary by check or draft, cosigned by a nominated Board of Directors member.
    • To maintain and retain vouchers of disbursement.
    • Shall provide reports and financial statements as needed.
    • To deliver to the incoming secretary/treasurer, all membership and financial information as needed.
    • To maintain a roster of paid members, to arrange a roster of all paid members thirty days prior to an election. The term limit for secretary/treasurer is three consecutive years. The said person can run again for election after one term in waiting.
    Article XIII:

    Constituents Section 1:
    Constitution and Bylaw Committee (Adhoc) This assignment will be entrusted to three members of the Board of Directors and three members nominated by a joint consultation of the president and secretary/treasurer. The duties are as follows:
    • Periodically review the constitution and bylaws to recommend changes.
    • To provide amendment for submission to the Board of Directors.
    Constituents Section 2:
    Membership Committee:

    • Shall promote and enlist members to UMAT.
    • To encourage attendance of the members by phone-calls, letters and reminders.
    • To prepare programs to encourage membership participation.
    Constituents Section 3:
    Publication Committee:

    • To publish an official newsletter of the organization.
    • This newsletter should be published at least once a year.
    Constituents Section 4:
    Public Relations Committee:

    • To arrange interfaith dialogue and understanding.
    • To disseminate information about Islam and help understanding of Islam by the non-Muslim community.
    • To arrange through newspapers, periodicals and other forms of media including radio and television, clarification on issues which may be adverse to Islam and the Community.
    • To publicize Islam and DAWA.
    • To maintain a cordial relationship with other Muslim communities outside the Toledo area.
    • To arrange methods of financing for such programs.
    • To work on improving the image of Muslims in all communities.
    Constituents Section 5:
    Welfare and Social Services Committee:

    • To provide for programs of assistance to needy Muslims.
    • To cooperate with community organizations to render efforts to cooperate with social services agencies in the community to run policies akin to the welfare and social well-being of Muslims in this area.
    Constituents Section 6:
    The Ways and Means/Finance Committee:

    • Will arrange the functions of UMAT and participate in fundraising events.
    • Will arrange special projects to facilitate these. Article V: The constitution and bylaws, as stated, shall be effective with the forthcoming general assembly meeting on June 6, 2000. Arbitrarily, the founding members of December 1997 will become the Board of Directors. Efforts will be made to assure representation from the membership of all Mosques in this area. For this first election, the membership requirements and financial requirements for president and secretary/treasurer or other positions created as needed will be waived. Article VI: Amendment to these bylaws shall be my majority vote, constituting 2/3 of the council of the Board of Directors and elected President and secretary/treasurer. Appendix I The founding members as of December 1997 include the following: (alphabetical by first name) Abdel Wahab Soliman, PhD., Abed E. Alo, MD., Afzalunnisa Islam Fleming El-Amin Ghada Alo Hassan Huseini Ibrahim Abdul Raheem Jean Farooki Mahjabeen Islam-Hussain, MD., Manal El Sheikh Mohammed Alo Mohammed Chouaib M.Y. Ahmed, MD., Naveed Farooki, MD., Rawia Ismail Salih Nurrideen Samina Hasan, MD., S. Zaheer Hasan, MD., S. Zakir Hussain, MD., Shaheda Ahmed, MD., Yahie Shousher. Subscribe to the UMAT Action Email Team. Action Items: