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2017 Contributions to the Area

Provided opportunities to local candidates, both Republican and Democrat, to express themselves in front of the community leaders.

Established and continue ongoing dialogues with First Presbyterian Church of Maumee. Developing relationships on an interfaith level for 3 years running.

2 Scholarships for High School and University students in conjunction with Toledo Community Foundations for 15 years running.

1 UMAT Scholarship for medical student at UTMC for 2 years running.

1 RQ Scholarship for Under Graduates.
1 MY Scholarship for Under Graduates.

UMAT PR Committee
Multiple TV Interviews, Newspaper Interviews y our Public Relations Committee, on Issues relating to Islam, Islamophobia, and condemnation of terrorism, hate and injustice.

Meeting with Senator Sherrod Brown October 2017

And the Mission continues......
Please join Hands
Peace to you all