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Sounds of UMAT

The United Muslim Association of Toledo has been very fortunate and has had a great relationship with the local media. A number of Muslims in our city are on a first name basis with media personnel, but that alone is not the foundation of success. Some of our community members even work for some local stations. In fact, some of the editors of our local paper, The Toledo Blade, are of Arab descent. Our press releases are well thought out, composed of very clean copy, contain well researched facts and are well written. So much so, that most of the time they end up being read verbatim.

Our contact personnel are available 24 hours a day, and our spokesperson is very articulate and quick on his feet. No other Muslim organization in Toledo has been met with such consistent and powerful success with the media, Alhamdulilah (thank God). In fact, some local candidates and politicians have called upon our media services, which we offer at no cost. We have had a very profound effect on our community and have been able to work well with all types of organizations. We look forward to representing the Muslims of Toledo for many years to come.

If you would like to hear some of this success, try downloading this sound file we have created, the "Sounds of UMAT' sound file. This MP3 file is a composite we created a few years back incorporating media coverage and other sounds from UMAT